My Testimonials

I love my work but nothing gives me more pleasure than receiving feedback from my dog’s owners. Here are some of the testimonials I have received over the past couple of years.


“We heard Louise speak at our local WI, and I then asked her to come and help with our two dogs, a rescue collie and a Jack Russell, both of whom had shown aggression to other dogs on walks, and occasionally to each other.  Louise first came to see us and assess our situation, life style etc, and talk to us about the wolf instincts that dogs still have. Understanding these helps to control behaviour, especially within a pack of dogs. Louise then met us , first with 3 of her own dogs and later with hers plus two others. To our surprise our dogs had a great time and no aggression was shown by any of them, because they had been able to “read” the status and expressions of each other. It was remarkable, and wonderful to see how much they enjoyed being together without leads and under control. Louise gave us advice on other aspects too which have made the dogs much calmer in and out of the house. As we have seen photos of her with up to 14 dogs on the Malvern Hills, it shows her methods work, without saying anything more!” - Rosemary Harward - Alfrick

“We have two rescue dogs one of which presented aggression to other dogs on the lead. Two visits from Louise and a day's course with both Louise and Penny later it is a real joy to see them both interacting well with other dogs. Louise and Penny's in depth knowledge of dog behaviour and how we owners should interact has proved invaluable. Keep up the good work.” - Baz and Kathy - Malvern

"I was terrified of walking my Puggle, Elgar off the lead because he would follow his nose and never come back. All that changed after a few walks in the Malvern’s with Louise and her pack.  The pack leader Bracken kept Elgar in-line and Louise showed me how to interact with Elgar to make him more obedient. In truth, I needed more training than my dog (fortunately, Louise is as patient with humans as she is canines!). I honestly cannot put a price on being able to walk my dog off lead safe in the knowledge that he won't run away. Thank you Louise and the pack!!!!” - Patricia Sabga - Malvern

“I brought my "aggressive" young dog to Lou, so worried that he was dangerous.  Lou is eminently calm, and understands dog "language" and behaviour so much, that this instantly calmed me as an owner. I thought I knew a fair amount about dogs from having several over the years, but in a couple of weeks I have learnt a huge amount. There is nothing wrong with my dog - he is vocal and fun loving, and from his first experience with a small number of dogs, to his first real pack run with 10 other dogs, he has been absolutely fine - my worries subside with Lou understanding what is happening within the pack at all times. Dogs simply need to find their "place" - they are social animals.  It's the owners that cause the problems!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lou to help anyone who is worried about their dog - her support and calmness is superb.” Anne Bradshaw - Worcester

“ We have taken our golden retriever to puppy classes locally since he was a puppy. He learnt to socialise with other dogs and all the usual other things, sit, stay etc. He loved going and enjoyed playing with all the other dogs as well as their owners.  However he lacked confidence and was basically frightened of everything including stationary cars, traffic, branches blowing in the wind and all sorts of noises. It got to the stage where he wouldn’t go for walks or get into the car. We heard of Lou and got in touch. After her first visit we noticed the difference in him, we were able to go for a walk and he walked along side without wandering or pulling too much on his lead .  We go on pack walks with Lou and other dogs and that has built up his confidence where he can run freely and investigate the woods etc. with the other dogs. We are still working on getting him to jump into the car but with Lou’s help he has done it several times now so I think we’ll get there. We now have a 12 week old puppy who is learning a lot from Lou and is already running with the pack.” Charlie and Chris

“I found Louise Cox to be generous with her time and patience with both my dog and myself. I found it difficult to walk my dog on and off the lead as he seemed aggressive to other dogs, Louise has helped my dog to mix with other dogs, firstly by introducing him slowly into her own pack and then on to general walks. She has given me self-assurance to trust him and to enjoy walking with him.”  Valerie Turner - Malvern

“All my dogs have been rescues, each of which has had a unique challenge.  Over the eleven years I have known Lou she has helped me to get the most out of each dog and helped me to give each dog the best life it could want.  Lou has helped me more than the many other dog trainers whose classes I have attended.

I recommend Lou to anyone who wants to get the most out of their relationship with their dog, no matter how hopeless it may seem.”

Andy Verity-Harrison - Malvern

“When I first met Louise I thought I had an aggressive German Shepherd. A behaviourist had told me that Rosy had a problem with fear aggression.

Within a few minutes Louise showed me that this was not the case at all, as we headed off up the road with a group of four dogs! The only problem was that I didn't understand my dog. By the end of the first session I was walking with all four dogs together on leads. Having Rosy on a lead around other dogs had been my worst nightmare previous to meeting Louise. Over the next sessions, Rosy got the socialisation she badly needed and we both became much happier.

Within six months, I was puppy walking for Guide Dogs so had another dog living with Rosy and she was great with him.

Louise has been and continues to be amazing and she has become a friend. Her dedication to seeing happy dogs makes her very genuine in what she does. She truly cares about the welfare of all dogs. I would recommend her to anyone.”  Ester Naylor - Birmingham

“I met Louise on the Malvern Hills three months after we had adopted Elsa, an aging German Shepherd from the Dogs Trust. Elsa was not socialised with other dogs and Louise quickly pointed out that this was because she was afraid. We began a programme of social training, walking with Louise and her dogs. This training had a profound affect on Elsa, who very quickly settled down and became integrated into the pack. She became completely relaxed in the company of other dogs, and even with our rescued cat.

Prior to meeting Louise we had taken Elsa to a dog behaviourist, whose solution was to shout at her, a method that not only scared her but also served to frighten her even more.  Louise immediately understood Elsa's problems, and was therefore able to advise us on a sensitive and productive approach to solving her insecurities.

After every walk Louise would text us to see how Elsa had settled down, and she took as much delight as we did in her progress.

Louise demonstrates a real affinity with the dogs that she helps, and meeting her was the key to our success with Elsa.”  Jane - Malvern

“Prankie had been attacked at the age of seven months by two large dogs in quick succession, making her not won't to go out  or on the lead and not trust, or go near or pass by any dogs at all. After several months of trying to get her to trust anything I thought I would never be able to take her for walks or be near or in contact with other dogs ever again, until I spoke to Louise Cox .She came, assessed and analysed. After several sessions of therapy with her dogs she is now so confident that she has won 2nd prize in a class of twelve dogs at Crufts World Champion Dog Show, she is now a very happy and relaxed dog in the company of others. Without Louise's help I very much doubt that I could have achieved so much.Many thanks for what you have done for a young dog with so many more years to enjoy life.Not  being afraid and looking over her shoulder all the time is a wonderful thing for her.”  Jenny - Worcestershire

“On March 22nd 2015 a tall elegant male blue Doberman arrived home.  He appeared to take everything in his stride, but he started screaming in a very high pitch when he heard the slightest noise or perceived and movement. I was given a card about ‘Lou’s Dog Support’ in April and immediately contacted her. I had changed his name to Shadow which he learned very quickly. Louise arrived to assess him and announced he was an Alpha, the decision maker, the thinker, highly intelligent and a self-preserver, and I had to learn very quickly to become the Beta, the animal in the pack that protects the Alpha. Never having realised the importance of the wolf’s family hierarchy, which is the same for dogs. It was a completely new experience for me to learn to be a wolf and understand dog talk. Shadow would scream and air snap at any dog which came to sniff and touch him, and of course people didn’t understand.

The first time he went for a pack walk with Louise’s balanced pack, there was a lot of air snapping and barking, this lasted for nearly 90 minutes, but gradually Shadow began to understand the dog talk and the dogs had come to terms. We did not interfere at all and allowed them naturally to sort out their differences. This was Shadow’s first session of learning and understanding dog talk.  Obviously Shadow had never been socialised and we realised we had a 2 ½ year old puppy. He has now completed several pack walks and meeting several different breeds. No more air snapping or barking and a greater understanding of dog language and protocol, he has now become more balanced.

This has all occurred under the auspices of Louise. I am listening and learning and improving, taking all on board, making mistakes, but who cares if the animal improves and is happy. Humans cause upsets so learn and listen. Do not ever pick up a small dog for protection, this incites a larger dog to see it as prey. So many facets of dog learning can be helped by Louise Cox. I highly recommend her whatever your issues are. She holds the answer and I shall be forever grateful for her help, knowledge and care.  A big thank you.”  Ornella Benson Steepholm, Old Storridge. 01886 833306

Update on Shadow 1st August 2015:

“It’s coming up to 4 months since Shadow arrived on the scene.  He has now been joined by Zoe a black Doberman bitch who has turned out to be a high ranking hunter. This past couple of weeks has shown some incredible improvements. Of the 4 months of getting Shadow to eat, he has now started eating 2 meals a day on his own accord. Shadow and Zoe suddenly are running together, where one goes the other follows. I am no longer Shadows guardian and he is finding his place learning to be the Alpha he was never allowed to be. He is growing in status and confidence and I can see improvements daily.  With the help and guidance of Louise I am learning about the damage done to puppies who are deprived of their correct learning by people who do not understand, and treat their puppies like humans and not the species they are.

There are many dogs out there with issues caused by ignorant humans. The one who can help is Louise, she is always there and has the answer through her commitment and dedication. I now have 2 happy, contented balanced dogs who are catching up with 3 years of deprived puppyhood. Shadow and Zoe thank this incredible lady for the good she is doing.”

“To the readers of Lou’s dog support Pet service. My husband and I had taken on a rescue/re home Doberman dog late last year 2014. The dogs name is Connor, he was 3 years old. We had owned rescued Dobermans before. Connor was perfectly well behaved in the house and garden, however he had never had any lead training or socialising with other dogs. My husband persevered with his attempt to train Connor as he had done with previous Dobermans. His attempts were to no avail so we decided to take in force lessons held at our local community centre. The instructors there agreed he needed socialising and we attended course lessons. However this turned instead of socialising, the training turned to segregation from the other dogs in the group, which we thought was wrong so we gave up going to those lessons. We met Louis Cox through a mutual friend. Initially an introductory phone call, questions from Louise and a questionnaire requesting information about Connor. She Confirmed that she would visit our house to meet Connor. She observed Connor in the house then proceeded with him outside and within 10 minutes she had Connor walking pretty good on the lead. Connor was transferred to us to use her method, we were both absolutely amazed! We have since met Louise at her place where Connor was allowed to run, have fun for the first time with another dog. Louise instilled the confidence in us and Connor, and since then it has been most positive when walking Connor, the complete difference in his behaviour and has gone up hill ever since. What Louise has got is a fabulous talent.”

Yours truthfully, Ann & Bill Price - Stourbridge

“We have a rescue dog who is about 2 years old and is believed to be a cross between an Irish Terrier and a Spaniel. When we saw him at the rescue centre he seemed quite outgoing, bouncy and full of confidence. When we got him home he was scared of anything that moved or made a noise. We had trouble introducing him to people or other dogs. I contacted a dog training 'expert' who said that my dog would probably never be able to interact with another dog.  This wasn't what I wanted to hear.

After we had had him for about six months, Louise was recommended to us by a neighbour. Louise came to us and we met in the garden. She gave Radar time to get to know her at his own pace.  She then introduced him to Cadbury, her Labrador.  They had a great time chasing each other round the garden with no signs of aggression. The next meeting was a pack walk with three Labradors. Radar went off his lead for the first time and swam for the first time. It was a great thing to see as he raced around copying the Labradors as they showed him  how to negotiate stiles and gates, all of which were new to him. As we went round Louise was explaining all of the body language that we could see; who was in charge, who was the peacemaker and what was happening between the different dogs.

Both Radar and I learnt a lot and have since enjoyed another pack walk with six dogs.  There was no aggression at any point. A lot of the problems were with the human not understanding what the dog was doing. When he was on the lead and we were meeting people or dogs, he was guarding me. Once I took the lead position and he was the follower, he relaxed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louise to anyone who needs help with their dog or in understanding what their dog is doing and why.”  Liz Ashcroft - Cradley

“A big thankyou to Lou for helping us understand and give us more confidence with our lovely 16 month old sprollie Tibby. After meeting her for the first time at home and a few sessions with the pack she has become a more confident and responsive dog. We can now take her into most situations and also let her off the lead knowing she will return and respond to the whistle which Lou advised us to use.  Lou is a very reassuring and likeable person and puts herself out to help you get the best out of your dog. Her own dogs are adorable and it’s wonderful to see when they are all together. A big thankyou Lou.” Marilyn & Gerald - Worcester

“I cannot recommend Louise and her services enough. We have a 10 year old Rottweiler Bitch who is a loving family dog however over time she became more ‘aggressive’ to other dogs. This lead to less socialising and dog walks where I would change the course of the route if I saw another dog in the distance. My insecurities were becoming more intense with every bark, growl and pull she would do. Walking on the lead (halter lead at the time) was never a chore and she loved being off the lead but only when she was ‘alone’. After approaching Lou for some support I believed that Tammy was going to be this dog forever and that we would have future of other dog avoidance. 

After an initial chat and filling in of the questionnaire it became so apparent and clear that I was the problem not my dog. Louise's knowledge of packs and dog behaviour is beyond belief. Louise set me some work to do at home prior to our meeting, re-teaching my dog how to walk on a slip lead, only praising her when she had done something I asked not when I felt the need to tell her she was a ‘good girl’. I could see a huge difference already and this was just over the phone and email support. Louise also introduced us to the whistle, I will never be without this security. Tammy reacts well to the whistle, however doesn't tend to leave me long enough for me to use it now, not that I'm complaining. Louise was able to identify my issues and why my dog was reacting to me...... she was trying to protect me as she sensed I felt scared.  It all started to fall into place. After a very nervous first meeting (me not the dog) everything began to change. Louise allowed Tammy to go on a pack walk and I felt so emotional seeing the dog I wanted in the field, playing with the other dogs and remaining calm. I was super proud and it made me determined to do all my homework.

Since our first session we have taken Tammy on holiday - we went to Devon and Cornwall. She comes out to lunch with us, sitting quietly in the corner, we took her to a country show and ignored every dog there. I always used to be jealous of other dog owners who could take their dog anywhere, thanks to Louise we can do that now. Being told by a couple in Padstow in the height of the summer ‘wow what a lovely behaved dog’ you was a real highlight.” Catherine Coles - Brecon

“Lou has been invaluable in the settling in of our new dog - Poppy. Poppy came to us at 8 months as her third home, a beautiful but very lively Springer Spaniel/Labrador who was shaped by her unsettled start in life. Poppy was very mouthy when we got her and would often lunge at us whilst she was having a mad five minutes, she was very jumpy and had obviously had several months of no boundaries. Lou helped us to understand Poppy, her position in a pack and therefore how we could best engage with her. Not only was it hugely successful, but it was fascinating and empowering to understand why Poppy reacted the way she did to certain situations. The evening after Lou's first visit we had the first, much needed, full night’s sleep since we had got Poppy, all because we finally understood why she had been barking through the night! Lou, unlike other dog trainers I have come across, is flexible and helps you work realistic training around your lifestyle. We sometimes have to leave Poppy alone in the house for a couple of hours, and rather than feeling judged for daring to leave our precious pup (as with previous trainers) Lou simply helped us work through the best options so we could leave poppy without the fear of coming back to destruction and a stressed pup! Poppy is now great at recall, runs alongside us on the mountain bikes, she is fantastic in the house, sleeps through the night without a peep and we have enjoyed our first holiday away in a cottage in Cornwall - all before she has reached 11 months! I can't thank Lou enough for her support with Poppy, I feel confident in my ability to handle Poppy and I know that Lou is at the end of the phone if I come across situations or behaviours I am unsure of how to handle. Lou goes above and beyond, she even talked us through on the phone what to do when Poppy hurt her tail and blood was spurting all over the house... in case you are wondering, plastic tubing and a bandage - worked wonders!  Thanks Lou!”  Emma, Matt and Poppy!

“ Having used Lou's Dog Support we would highly recommend the friendly and professional service we received. After an in depth assessment at our home Lou was able to offer us invaluable information regarding our dogs behaviour, we had been misreading all of his signals! Not only did we receive an explanation for the behaviour issues but Lou offered lots of tactics to improve things. After following Lou's advice the situation was greatly improved. We would also recommend a pack walk session, which was not only great fun, but brilliant socialisation for our dog and a chance for Lou to assess him further. We were more than pleased and have seen great results. Thank you Lou. “  Melissa Mezzone - Suckley

“Haogie, our rescue lurcher , and I met Lou a few weeks ago.  I was struggling to hold Haogie out on a walk, choosing my walks when I hoped I would not meet another dog and constantly worrying about her jumping up on visitors and her over boisterous behaviour in general. One home session with Lou transformed our lives and I have learned more about dogs in those two hours than I had in the previous 50 years of owning dogs!  Lou observed Haogie and me and left me with a list of things for us to practise.

From that first session Haogie and I now walk with her happily off the lead, she has met, through Lou's pack walks, every breed out there from midget size to huge and not once has there been even a hint of a scrap. H now returns to the whistle and is really sociable with visitors, grandchildren and all other people and dogs.  I have found her fun to train and really enjoy our rescue lurcher. Through Lou I also have learned a vast amount about dog behaviour which has taught me to feel relaxed about dogs meeting new dogs and people and I highly recommend Lou to anyone out there who feels they need help with their dog. She has transformed my thinking about taking on and training future dogs, be they rescue or young puppies, I now look forward to re-homing any future dog when the time comes to replace one of our old dogs.” Kate Vetch - Suckley

“A year ago our 7-month old Labrador suddenly started non-stop barking at people together with door aggression and we were at our wit's end not knowing how to stop this unwanted behaviour. We decided to send her for residential training to Adolescent Dogs – what an expensive mistake! She was with a trainer, some 170 miles away, for 5 weeks at a cost of £4,000 and once home there was no improvement in her behaviour. We soldiered on for a few months trying to cope as best we could before being recommended to Lou and what a Godsend she is! Our Labrador learned more in 4 sessions with Lou than she had in 5 weeks residential training at Adolescent Dogs. She is now a happy, confident girl who loves all the dogs and people she meets on our pack walks with Lou. The main problem of door aggression has also stopped. My advice to anyone whose dog has a problem please do not send your dog to residential training at Adolescent Dogs but give Lou a ring – you will be amazed at what she can do for you and your dog and once she has assessed your dog she knows exactly how to resolve the problem. We now have our life back together with a happy, relaxed, confident dog.”  Pat - Worcestershire

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“ My name is Louise Cox and I have studied Dog Psychology. I use these skills at Lou’s Dog Support. I have 3 dogs of my own and use them to help me understand problems your dog may be having. My satisfaction comes from seeing how dog’s can change their behaviour and become great pets.”  Louise

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